Kids Are Dumb Sometimes.

Why? Why must they do this?

Why? Why must they do this?

I originally posted this on my Little Farm. Growing blog back in 2011. I’m bringing it back here today in honor of the fact that summer vacation is almost over and we are all on each others’ last nerves. Enjoy, Rocky Parenting fans.

I know that I frequently write about how much I love my kids and how cool they are and generally gush over them like a loving mother should.

I would like to write a post like that today. It would do me good.

However, today, I was ever so happy to see the two jerks I am raising get on the school bus and leave me in peace for 8 hours.

Yes, I just called them names. They don’t read the blog. And honestly, this morning, it’s less than they probably deserve.

I spent the morning getting two lippy, rude, disrespectful monsters ready for school. It was a miserable task that somehow included arguments over whether it was fair that they had to do any type of basic chores, whether I would let them wear dirty clothes to school (which included, most happily, an accusation that I just don’t do their laundry often enough), and when I was going to bake something they actually liked for breakfast.

And then I turned into Rodney Dangerfield and started shaking my fist and muttering about how I get no respect, no respect at all!

Beyond that, once I had them outside, they had a huge screaming fight with each other, which I tried to referee with no success at all. They just. wouldn’t. stop. They both got on the bus crying. I’m sure it was mortifying for them. And it served them right.

What was so serious that it could have caused this sibling war? You see, the boy made finger puppets at school. And the girl had them in her possession. She insisted, screaming nastily with red-faced angry tears, that he gave them to her to “keep them safe.” The boy, screaming nastily with red-faced angry tears insists that “she stole them.”

Heaven help me.

Trying desperately not to scream nastily with red-faced angry tears, I confiscated said puppets, told them they were being ridiculous, watched the bus drive away with my two very upset children, and came inside to recover from all the unpleasantness.

Not our best morning, this.

I think today after school will make a perfect time to ban T.V. and teach them how to do their own laundry. Like a loving mother should.

Update: Not 10 minutes after I posted this, the girl called from the principal’s office to tell me that she had been chosen as the outstanding student of the day for all of her good deeds and sweetness. Who’s the jerk now? Why, it’s me, Rodney Dangerfield.

2 thoughts on “Kids Are Dumb Sometimes.

  1. Claire, you’re my new favorite blogger. So glad Marcus turned me on to your last post. I’m sending this to my wife as I think she’ll get a kick out of it.


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