The Day I Learned

I’m sure you, just like me, can remember certain times in your life where others have taught you a very valuable lessons. Whether it be a parent, a friend, or a complete stranger…I have learned alot of lessons in my 30 years. Some are a little bit more profound than others, but nonetheless, there are lessons to be learned everywhere. I found a notebook earlier today where I jotted down some of the so called “innocent” things that my children have done in their younger years, where we learned valuable lessons, so I figured I would share a few.

I’ll start with my favorite. Emaleigh was 4 1/2 and her favorite movie at the time was Little Rascals. Her and Elijah (who was 2 at the time) were playing in the front yard. They were pretending to be race car drivers, just like the Little Rascals. They had been playing and laughing for quite some time, when all of the sudden, like it had come out of a megaphone, I hear Emaleigh say, “Come on, bitch!” (Now…before you stop reading my blog because you now think I am a bad parent for speaking such language in front of my kids…let me explain. If you recall the movie, Little Rascals, there is a little boy named Butch who is the bully. Apparently, I was unaware that’s the part that Elijah was playing). Ok back to my 4 year old yelling profanities…in our front yard…while neighbors are outside. I calmly look over at her and say, “Emaleigh, what did you say?” Bad idea. She says, ”I said, Come on bitch!”, with a look on her face that is so innocent, all I could do was grit my teeth, and smile.  At this point I can just feel my face flushing of all color and say, “Emaleigh, that is not a word that we use. That’s a very bad word.”  She just continues to smile (knowing she has done nothing wrong) and says, “But Mommy, that’s the bullies name in Little Rascals.”  That’s the day that my daughter learned that “bitch” is in fact a bad word, and not the name of the bully.

Another time, Emaleigh was about the same age and we were driving in the car. We were singing along to the music, when I hear her say, “Mommy, God must have had a knife, huh?”…I turn down the music trying to figure out what kind of an answer I am going to need to explain this one. I said, “Why do you say that?” And her response was simply, “Well, how else did we get our buttcracks?” That’s the day I learned that we needed to take a break from making Play-do people.

Two summers ago, we decided to get another dog to try and keep our dog, Chewy, busy. Well that didn’t last long. Not only was the dog a little “iffy”, he was a little too friendly when the kids wanted to play outside. One day, Elijah came inside so upset, and he said, “Mommy, I don’t like playing outside anymore because Spike always wants me to give him piggy-back rides.” That’s the day Elijah learned to run REALLY fast to the swing set.

Hopefully this put a smile on your face, because I know it did mine. I encourage all parents to look for lessons in all situations…trust me, there usually is one. And that will be “the day you learned…”

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