Just Another Day in the Van


It all starts out so innocently.

I took my girls to see a free storytelling program offered by our public library. The show was entertaining – if you are 6 and 9, and it inspired my youngest to do some storytelling of her own. But because my youngest is the manager-type, I knew that she was going to try to pull her sister and I into this venture. Our conversation on the way home went something like this:

Youngest: Do I have a dragon puppet? I would like a dragon puppet.

Oldest: No, you don’t have one. (Implied: And if I did I wouldn’t share it with you.)

Me: You could make one – I could give you an old sock.

Y: I’m going to need some help. You guys can help me.

M: I will give you a marker.

Y: No, I need more help than that. I will assign you two parts to work on. You can each do three drawings of what you would like to do and then I can see which ones I like.

O: Mom, I don’t want to do that.

M: You don’t have to.

Y: But I need help.

M: I will give you some red fabric that you can make a tongue with.

Y: No, I want you to help me design it.

M: We are keeping it simple.

Y: Okay, you only have to do one drawing of each part I assign you.

M: No, if you want a dragon puppet, you have to figure out how to make it. I will help you with the things that you can’t do yourself.

Y: Do we have any green fabric to cover the sock?

M: No. We have a green marker.

Oldest: Can we stop at Hobby Lobby do get some magnets? I want to make something.

Y: Good idea. I need magnets too.

M: For what?

Y: For souvenirs. You know, for my storytelling show.

O: Mom, she’s stealing my ideas. She always does that.

Y: No I’m not. I was thinking about magnets before you said it.

O: Were not!

Y: Was too!

M: I said that you need to keep this simple. We do not need souvenirs.

Y: I am keeping it simple. The souvenir magnets will be very easy to make. You two can sell them.

M: How does the dragon puppet fit in to this?

Y: It is part of the play. That reminds me…I will need you to write down everything I say and then read it during the show.

M: Why?

Y: Because I won’t be able to remember what I said and I want it to be right.

M: How many performances are we talking about?

Y: Just one or two or three for practice. Or more.

O: Mom, can we get the magnets or not?

Y: Yes, I need some too.

O: Mom, that was my idea for something else. She’s doing it again.

M: I’m not selling souvenirs.

O: Me, either.

Y: But you have to.

O: Mom, she hit me with a tank top.

M: Why is there a tank top in the van?

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