Waiting for the Bulbs to Bloom

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

In October I was given a bag of pink tulip bulbs. I promptly planted them and have now been waiting eight months for a flash of color to light up my back yard. A few weeks ago I spotted some nice strong green leaves, and then we quickly had more than three feet of snow fall in the last several snow storms. And now, just now, hopefully they will have a chance to spring to potential.

I also planted some of my garden seeds right before the snow storms that wouldn’t quit and now that they have (I hope I didn’t jinx us all by saying that) my cute little sugar snap peas are just poking out of the ground. Nothing else yet, but hopefully the carrots won’t be too far behind.

It is hard to be patient while I wait for all the growth and change in my garden. And inside my home, it is hard to be patient sometimes with the kids. Overall, I think our kids are pretty darn good, but there are days where they just do the same ridiculous things over and over again.

Things like fighting with their brother. Again.

Things like not wanting to get dressed. Again.

Things like spilling an entire cup of milk. Again.

Things like walking through the house in their muddy boots. Again.

I suppose that is why kids grow up. So their parents don’t go crazy if they get stuck in one stage or another for too long.

Every time I meet a parent whose kids are older and they tell me, “Enjoy every moment, they grow up so fast.” (I know you have all been told that). I kinda want to kick them in the shin to restart their selective memories. I’m sure they are just remembering the good times.

Times when the newborn wrapped her whole hand around a single finger. Not when she stayed up all night crying with colic.

Times when they hung framed art projects on the wall. Not when they had to console a fit because the artist wasn’t happy with her frog’s eyes.

Times when their yearling took his first steps. Not when he sprinted into the kitchen table forehead first.

Times when catching ants in the driveway is fun. Not when they eat ant poison they find in the back of the cupboard.

I try and remember it is so important to make time in this crazy parenting journey to slow down and enjoy the giggle moments. They certainly exist.

The tulip bulbs in my garden remind me of that. For eight months they have been doing their tulip thing underground. And just now, they are beginning to bloom and share their personality with the world. And someday, my children will bloom as well.

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