Do You Lie To Your Children?

Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies

Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course I lie to my children when needed.

“That was the very last Thin Mint.”

I suppose it is easier than saying, “No,” all day and every day. And I don’t lie about big things, only about things I’m not ready to explain until they are older or things that are in their own best interest.

Little do they know that it is in their own best interest if I sneak a few Thin Mints each afternoon and boost my energy level slightly closer to theirs.

Some of the questions they start to ask as they grow and become more observant definitely merit foggy answers.

Like when my 6-year-old was watching the cheerleaders at a CSU basketball game. “Why are their belly buttons showing and why are they shaking their buns so much?” she wanted to know.

But if I don’t know the answer, I’ll readily just fess up and admit it. Yesterday, my 4-year-old asked me, “If God made everything, who made God?” I was speechless. I’m pretty sure that question would even stump the Pope.

Planning and packing for trips always stresses me out, and last summer we were doing last minutes showers and baths before leaving for the airport for our annual summer vacation trip to Oregon at the grandparent’s. As usual, our 4-year-old was throwing a huge fit about the required pre-flight cleansing.

Somehow in the shampoo chaos I managed to tell him that when we got to the airport, we each had to walk through a machine that would check to see if we were clean enough to get on the plane.

It worked.

Even though he had showered, at the airport, he was visibly nervous as we stood in the TSA line. After he walked through and the TSA agent handed him a sticker badge, I could see complete relief flowing through his little body.

I only felt a little bad about that lie, especially since it worked on the return trip as well.

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